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We have built websites for 900+ NGOs, 600+ NGOs are now collecting donations online.


Bridging the digital divide in the social sector

1NGO’s vision is to bridge the rising digital divide in the social sector. Less than 0.5% of the NGOs in India have digital presence and hence they remain undiscoverable by the donors. 1NGO democratizes opportunities for NGOs by making them digitally discoverable. 1NGO focus sectors include education, empowerment, health, environment, disability, rural development and environment. We currently have built websites for 700+ NGOs across the country along with managing to create a social media presence through Facebook for 280 NGOs on our 1NGO platform


Preparing NGOs for a digital centric world

1NGO builds digital assets and inculcates digital literacy and behavioural change among NGOs. 1NGO builds websites and social media presence for NGOs. 1NGO has set out on a mission, in the next 3 years, to build digital presence for 1000 NGOs in each of these 7 sectors - education, women empowerment, child development, health, environment, disability and rural development. By preparing 7000 NGOs to grow in the new digital centric world, 1NGO seeks to touch a million lives in the next 3 years.

Since inception, 1NGO has created websites for 772+ NGOs and social media profiles for over 389 NGOs. We have conducted over 122 digital literacy webinars and workshops with participation from over 662 NGOs. 1NGO assists NGOs to keep an active digital presence through a combination of DIY and assisted solutions.


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Priya Karnik

Priya Karnik

Founder, President
Gururaj Potnis

Gururaj Potnis

Founder, Secretary-cum-Treasurer
Jashosree Sen

Jashosree Sen

Operations Manager
Pooja PN

Pooja PN

Asst. Operations Manager
Shobha Arun

Shobha Arun

NGO Engagement Associate
Priyanka Hiremanipatil

Priyanka Hiremanipatil

Technical Associate
Isha Sanjay Mulay

Isha Sanjay Mulay

Social Media Associate
Kartik Naik

Kartik Naik

Graphic Designer


We express our gratitude to our partners

Dhwani Foundation

Dhwani Foundation has been at the forefront of promoting more efficient, accountable and credible organisations in India's social sector.

Udhyam Learning Foundation

Udhyam helps young people and micro-entrepreneurs actualise their highest desired possibility through Udhyam Shiksha and Udhyam Vyapaar programs.


FEVOURD-K is the largest association of voluntary organizations in Karnataka with over 800 NGO members.


Disability National Alliance (DNA) is a response to the urgent need for a collective platform to represent the disability sector NGOs across Karnataka

What Our Partners Say



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