1NGO Digital Awards

“1NGO Digital Award" - Recognises NGOs who are digitally aware, active and uses digital tools for achieving organisational goals. The contest was started in the year 2023 to celebrate the milestone of creating more than 1000 websites on 1NGO platform. We are envisioned to recognise the nonprofits, motivate them to continue their life changing work in the society , and reinforce the best practices.

Winners of 1NGO Digital Award-2024

Special Recognition Award-2024

Social Media Active NGOs Award-2024

Criteria for Selection

  1. Website should be on 1NGO platform
  2. Website recency: Updating the latest activities on the website
  3. Completeness of website (Team members with bio, reports, programs etc.,)
  4. Social media completeness and recency
  5. Maintenance of compliance

Application process

  1. Online applications are invited from across India in the month of March
  2. Evaluation of applications by team 1NGO
  3. Shortlist and finalization of winners
Application opens : March 2025



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